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Razani Silk Starlit Elegance

Razani Silk Starlit Elegance

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'Silk Starlit Elegance,' a gown that redefines sophistication with its luxurious gray hue and celestial embellishments. Crafted from the finest silk, this dress drapes gracefully, creating an aura of timeless beauty. The gray tone adds a touch of understated elegance, creating a canvas for the stars to shine. The celestial motifs are delicately woven into the silk, creating a harmonious blend of opulence and cosmic charm. 'Silk Starlit Elegance' is not just a dress; it's a celestial masterpiece that wraps its wearer in an embrace of refined glamour. Step into the night with grace and confidence, as each step is a dance beneath the stars in this enchanting creation."

Model Size:

Front 29"
Back 36"
Scarf attached 49"
Sleeves 22"
Skirt 27"
Skirt Length 20"


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